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Snap In™ Absorbent Liner - Unbleached Cotton - 1

Snap In™ Absorbent Liner


Snap In Absorbent Liners™ give you three additional layers of knit cotton terry that simply snap into our One Size™ diapers when additional absorbency is required.

Our Snap In Absorbent Liners™ are available in all our Fabric options including Unbleached or White Cotton, Stay Dry on Cotton, Organic Cotton or Bamboo Terry.

These liners hold an extra 200 ml (7 oz.) and are recommended for overnight or nap time use.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Snap in Absorbent Liners snap into the Wizard Duo?
Answer.   No, the Snap in Absorbent Liners are designed to snap into the One Size fitted diaper for added absorbency for night and nap time.

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