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Rikki Wrap Cover - Oceans

Rikki Wrap™ Velcro® Cover


The Rikki Wrap is a hook and loop (Velcro) gusseted fitted diaper cover that fits snug over our Sandy's fitted and One Size fitted cloth diapers.

Designed to gently hug your baby and create a leak-free barrier between your babies cloth diaper and clothing!

A lightweight, breathable and waterproof wrap and available in 5 sizes with many different prints and colours to choose from.

The Rikki Wrap and Rikki Slim function well with flats, prefolds and pinless diapers.

Customer Reviews

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White Rikki Wrap
Rikki Wrap - Oceans Print
Rikki Wrap - Adventure Awaits
Adventure Awaits
Rikki Wrap - Soft Yellow
Soft Yellow
Rikki Wrap - Rainforest
Rikki Wrap - Arizona
Rikki Wrap - Wetlands Print
The Wetlands
Rikki Wrap - Blue Raindrop
Blue Raindrop
Rikki Wrap - Bear Bum
Bear Bum
Rikki Wrap - Yellow Sundance
Yellow Sundance
Rikki Wrap - Orange Sunset
Orange Sunset
Rikki Wrap - Kali
Rikki Wrap - Teal Tidewater
Teal Tidewater
Rikki Wrap - Seafoam Green
Seafoam Green
Rikki Wrap - Tropic like its Hot
Tropic like its Hot
Rikki Wrap - Wood Violet
Wood Violet
Rikki Wrap - Coral Reef
Coral Reef
Rikki Wrap - Under the Sea
Under the Sea

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