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Air Flow™ Trim  Cover Special

Air Flow™ Trim Cover Special

$64.50 $67.99

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The Air Flow Trim Cover is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted diaper cover. Available in only 2 sizes fitting over top of our Sandy's Trim Fit diapers.

It features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Gaps between the snap closures increases air flow, which help regulate the temperature inside the diaper!


  • Two adjustable sizes, to fit your growing baby
    Small (7-20 lbs) and Large (20-35 lbs)
  • Adjustable Waist and Leg snap settings for a secure, tamper-proof fit – keeping curious babies out!
  • Adjustable Snap Rise
  • Lifetime Warranty on PUL, Snaps + Elastics
  • Fully breathable & Leak-free!

 Note: The Air Flow Trim cover is a great choice over any fitted style diaper. If you would like to use them with prefolds or flats the diaper must be secured first with a Snappi or pins.

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Air Flow Trim - White
Air Flow Trim - Oceans
Air Flow Trim - Rainforest
Air Flow Trim - Yellow
Yellow Sundance
Air Flow Trim - Teal
Teal Tidewater

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