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The Mother ease Story

Having cloth diapered five sons and eight (and counting) grandchildren; you can rest assured that Erika Froese is always putting the Mother ease brand to the ultimate test!

Back when her boys were babies, Erika was frustrated with the cloth diapering options and was determined to design something convenient, reliable and leak free. From that, in 1991 she founded Mother ease Cloth Diapers and since then we continue to manufacture and sell the most innovative range of cloth diapers in the world!

Today, Mother ease is still a family run business that manufactures all products in Ontario, Canada using 100% green energy. We ensure that only the highest quality fabrics, elastics and snaps are used on all of our diapers and covers and we hold our manufacturing to the highest standards of inspection and quality control. Because of this, we can stand proudly behind each and every product we offer!

Mother ease diaper systems have always been designed for the babies in Erika’s family. Her fourth son inspired her to create the famous Sandy’s Fitted Diaper in the early 1990’s, and her first grandchild inspired the Wizard One-Step Diapering line in 2008. Having a large family has provided her with the testing she’s needed to ensure that Mother ease diapers really work! You will find no diaper more comfortable, convenient, reliable, and (most importantly) absolutely leak-free than a Mother ease diaper! So try us on, we’re simply the best!

Mother ease is currently owned and operated by Erika & Rick Froese.

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